​Fine & Funky ®
 Call us at: 970-482-3198
4120 Main St, Timnath, CO 80547
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A Colorado owned boutique
     Clothing, jewerly & accessories from NY, LA and now Europe!
Where fun meets fashion at affordable prices! We are a small boutique located in the heart of Timnath, CO. The store is open the first Thursday of every month through Monday, bringing you the newest trends from NY to LA on a dime! 

We are incredibly thankful for the loyalty and support of each of you, and in order to show our gratitude we want to make it our priority to give back to the community. We host fundraisers on days the store is closed. Over the years we have had the privilege to donate over $55,000 to local organizations!

And as always ... $5 in store credit for any new customer you refer to Fine & Funky!
Fine & Funky ® 4120 Main St, Timnath, CO 80547

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