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Ryan and Justin, Surely’s Co-Founders, met in 2018 after Ryan’s alcohol-free year. At the time , Ryan realized that alcohol wasn’t letting him reach his full potential. So they both decided to create a way to comfortably socialize without detracting from their health or sacrificing productivity. After two years of testing a variety of alcohol alternatives, Ryan and Justin found that these beverages missed the mark. Lower ABV options still left them with hangovers. And non-alcoholic wines tasted like grape juice.Determined to design a better, healthier alcohol alternative, the young duo set out to start Surely.

Surely is a non-alcoholic wine that, well, actually tastes like wine. Rather than bottle a poor wine imitation, Surely partnered with the finest winemakers in Sonoma, California. Each bottle is carefully crafted using natural ingredients that amplify fantastic flavors wine lovers desire.
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